QuickTrim Fast Cleanse 48 Hour Super Diet Detox 32oz
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Fast Cleanse™ QuickTrim® Fast Cleanse™ 48 Hour Super Diet Detox is a natural cleansing and detox system that is specifically designed to remove toxic build up and impurities and help you feel healthier, more slender and rejuvenated in just 48 hours! This delicious easy to use detox diet is the fast and healthy way to detoxify your body and jump start your weight loss program. By combining proven cleansing compounds along with traditional herbal diuretics, QuickTrim® 48 Hour Super Diet Detox helps to cleanse and remove stored up intestinal bulk while flushing and eliminating harmful toxins, impurities and excess water. These key ingredients have been used by Hollywood for years to look great in a very short period of time. This “Supercharged” formula will leave you feeling healthier, reenergized and ready to go! Directions: Mix 4 fluid oz. of 48 Hour Detox with 4 fluid oz of water and drink 4 times daily between meals. For best results, consume fruits, vegetables, clear soups and gelatin. Try to limit grains and proteins and eliminate all sugars, fried and processed foods. Drink plenty of water, 50% diluted juices and caffeine free teas throughout the day.† Rapid Weight Loss Formula* 48 Hour Super Diet Detox* HELPS CLEANSE AND DETOXIFY!* JUMP-START WEIGHT LOSS!* REDUCE BELLY BLOATING!* LOSE UP TO 2 SIZES IN 2 DAYS* Look Slim and Sexy When you absolutely, positively MUST fit into your favorite dress or jeans, QuickTrim® Fast Cleanse™ will help you make an impression! A delicious lemonade flavored drink designed to help rid the body of excess water weight, belly bloating and intestinal bulk in as little as 2 days!* The key ingredients have been used in Hollywood for manyyears to help actors, models and celebrities look slim and sexy!*QuickTrim® Fast Cleanse™ will beyour new secret weapon! All QuickTrim® formulas have been synergistically designed to work inconjunction with each other to complement your lifestyle and provide rapid results with simplified solutions to help you Get The Body You Want! Whether you are seeking to shed a fewvanity pounds, drop a dress size fora special occasion or are seeking along term lifestyle program, QuickTrim® formulas are your Slimming Solutions.*


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